While Karen is trained as a lawyer, she has elected to retire from the practice of law, and focus on providing mediation/arbitration and offer training to other professionals in mediation and the collaborative practice model. Karen is an accredited mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation, and is also aDeputy Small Claims Court Judge, and a Dispute Resolution Officer in the Peel Superior Court of Justice, and a prior panel lawyer for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Karen has made the following pledge to her practice (borrowed from Forrest S. Mosten, and slightly amended) as follows: "I will think about creating peace for individuals and families; I will use my peacemaker efforts to help maximize healing and harmony in my work with clients, their families, colleagues, and other participants in the family law system, and in the family law profession."

Karen is also trained in "Powerful Non-Defensive Communication" techniques, and works to assist parties reach agreements that meet their families needs. These communication skills lay the foundation for a process that is safe and supportive, that allows the clients to communicate and negotiate with integrity and dignity. Karen is located in Erin, Ontario.