Julia Haasz has been a Family Law practitioner since 1998. Her practice is dedicated to excellence and professionalism. Her client and child centred philosophy is complimented by a caring approach in dealing with highly personal and sensitive matters. Early in her career, Julia witnessed that the “revolving door of litigation” can be an expensive and stressful experience.  Julia strives to reduce the stress involved in Family Law matters by working with clients to achieve an out-of-court resolution. In addition to training in Mediation, Julia is certified in the practice of Collaborative Family Law, and is on the panel for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. Her work providing legal representation to the children of litigating parents has provided her first-hand knowledge of the stress imposed on children of litigating parents.

Often times, the court system fails to meet the expectations of clients in resolving the issues that arise on the breakdown of a marriage and a common law relationship. Not only is ADR an effective tool for resolving the issues that arise, but it offers a satisfactory alternative to going to court fostering a mutually acceptable and creative resolution between the parties.  Although ADR is not appropriate in all cases, clients should, at a minimum, give reasoned consideration to the appropriateness of a negotiated settlement that avoids litigation.